EmbryoLive you can follow your embryos' development from your Smartphone or Tablet.

EmbryoLive gives you access to your IVF cycle details , everywhere, any time.

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The App

Designed for you

Easy-to-navigate interface, EmbryoLive brings a full new experience towards pregnancy.

Everything you need

See your IVF cycle information and your Cycle History, easily, quickly, at once in one place.


Be notified as soon as the embryologist checks out your embryos. Receive medical indications from your clinician, reminders of appointment and more.

Learn more

EmbryoLive provides you with exclusive audio visual content for free. Embryo development, artificial reproductive techniques and more biological information.

These are the sections you will find available in My EmbryoLive for iOS and Android.

  • See every detail of your actual IVF cycle o previous ones.
  • Access your blood exams results and ultrasound images.
  • Check the results of the last semen analysis.
  • Do you have cryopreserved oocytes or embryos? Find them at My Cryopreservation.
  • Did you forget your appointment? Don't worry, EmbryoLive will remind you.


Push Notifications

Any news on your cycle or reminder, Embryolive will send you a notification.

Learn with us

We provide you exclusive audio visual content made by our Embryologists so you can better understand the basis of biological events.

Ovarian Stimulation in detail

Type of Medication and dose, ultrasound images and medical indications from your clinician, will make you feel safe during ovarian stimulation.

Cycle History

Always carry with you the information and images from previous cycles, even if you move to another city or to another Clinic.

A new experience

We invite you to live with us a complete new experience towards pregnancy.

Embryo Develpment

Watch your embryo's development, every time the embryologist checks the embryo culture.



Download Embryolive

Download EmbryoLive for iOS and Android from your smartphone or tablet.


Who can see my profile, treatment details and pictures of my Embryos?

Each parental project (or mono parental), has a user ID and password assigned, provided by the Fertility Clinic, and only the user has access to all the information. No one but your Embryologist and your Clinician, can see your data.

How long would my subscription to EmbryoLive last?

Once your user is registered, it is for life. All cycle data and pictures uploaded to your user, will be there even if you change Clinics. To follow up embryo development, or receive medical indications and reminders, subscription is active for 3 months.

How long will my pictures and treatment information be available?

Cycle history information remains stored for 10 years.

How do I activate/deactivate EmbryoLive notifications?

Log in >> My Profile >> Notifications

How much do I have to pay to get access to 'Learn More' section?

Audio visual content in 'Learn More' section, is free. Access by downloading EmbryoLive App.

Is embryo development assessed every day?

Usually, embryologists check oocyte fertilization during the morning (day 1), embryo cleavage (day 2/3), compaction (day 4) and Blastocyst formation (day 5/6). Never the less, the frequency of embryo assessment, will depend on the working criteria of each lab.


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